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His original course, his musical universe: a today rich work of more than 100 compositions. Bandonionist, composer and arranger, born on December 12th 1950 in Egleny (Yonne - France), Daniel Brel creates his own poetic universe by composing for eclectic formations : contemporary tango, music for choirs, chamber music, music for orchestra …Contemporary composer, Daniel Brel is a fascinated and inspired musician.


Creations : 

In 2012 / 2013

in Pau : " Les âmes errantes (the wandering souls) " for sextet of cellos.

in Paris : Order of a part for bandonion and symphony orchestra to be played at the Diva festival organized by Christophe Mirambeau.

to be published in 2012: " Secrets de voyage (secrets of journey) " - Gérard Billaudot's editions, collection of 13 pieces for accordion (level fine 1st cycle to fine 2nd cycle).

January 14th 2012 – concert hall Gaveau - Paris: " 12 tableaux (12 scenes) » - Theme and variations on Reynaldo Hahn's name " - Piece for symphony orchestra.


Born into a musical family of Central European origin, Daniel Brel went on vacation to the Bearn region in the South West of France in 1962, never to leave. Naturally gifted from his tender youth, he learned the accordion from his grandfather – Emile Brel – a professional accordionist and animator of the famous “Bal musette à Paris” (Le Poste Parisien) in the 1930's. Thus initiated to the subtleties of the accordion and the musette style, he decides to study classical accordion as is taught in the Russian conservatories (Tchaïkine, Zoltarev) and soon starts writing his own transcriptions of classical composers (Chopin, Weber, Grieg, Bach).

In 1971, by chance, he hears for the first time Astor Piazzolla on the radio. It is a true revelation for him. Immediately, Daniel decides to buy a bandonion and starts teaching himself the Tango, inspired by the records of the Quarteto Cedron. This music speaks to him about an exile that he feels at the bottom of him. Meanwhile he meets some Argentinians who encourage him and help him work his style.

However, he does not stop listening to also the great masters of the classical music (among others Tchaïkovsky, Rachmaninov, Chostakovitch, Korngold, Richard Strauss, Bernstein, Fauré, Ravel, Debussy) and feels that there is a bridge, a road to be followed between the popular music and the learned music. Very fast, his inspiration, his internal voice always turned to the poetry, brings him to compose and write his own music.

In 1979, he creates (in Pau) his first quartet which brings him out of anonimity, through a series of concerts based on the Tango : Contratiempo, originally with bandonion, piano, cello and bass.

He holds many concerts almost everywhere in France and notably at the famous “Trottoirs of Buenos Aires” in Paris (1984). It's at that time that he is contacted by Mosalini who encourages him to present himself for the Certificate of Aptitude for Professor of Bandonion, which he obtains successfully in 1988. In the jury there is Richard Galliano, Juan José Mosalini, Frédéric Guérouet, Désiré Dondeyne ...

It is in 1998, that he occupies his professor's first post to the ENMD (National School of Music and Dance). In 2001, he also teaches the ENMD of La Rochelle. Finally, in 2005, he obtains a full-time post in the ENMD of Pau, where he teaches always at the moment.

Throughout these years, the musical writing remains the vital lead of his existence and allows him to find a language which is appropriate for him, with which he manages to express himself in very different registers but always inspired and carried by this poetic and often melancholic universe which lives in him.

Daniel Brel is also a reference as bandonionist. He likes reminding that this instrument is the organ of the poor people and that it is, beyond the tango, an instrument which speaks about spirituality, about a melancholy connected to the exile, coming to wake in the depths of those who listen to it a painful but necessary spleen. Daniel Brel occurs in numerous concerts and festivals, interpreting as well works of the traditional tango arrangements of which he makes, that contemporary tangos or parts of his composition.